Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Small Wonders considers it a social responsibility to include all kids with different abilities and difficulties in their mainstream. Accordingly , a certain number of kids with special needs are consciously admitted and looked after by a team of experienced resource personnel.

Currently, the admitted differently abled include Down’s Syndrome, slow Learners, spastic and autistic children.

Depending on their individual levels, one to one support is provided by the special educators and psychologist. An occupational therapist looks after various acpects of restlessness, concentration and motor refinement. A speech therapist works on oro-motor and language skills. The psychologist often provides a behavioral modification programme, while the psychiatrist might suggest and supervise medication.

Overall an attempt is made to actualize the potential of every child. For Children with different needs a tailor made curriculum is designed (IEP) based on the learning capability of the child

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